Imagine you’re six-years-old and you get to play with toys in return for millions of dollars — well, that’s the life of one excitable American kid.

Ryan (last name unknown) makes $11m before tax from his YouTube channel, Ryan ToysReview, annually, making him one of Forbes’ highest-paid YouTube stars.

Ryan only started the channel with his parents in March 2015, but his popularity has rapidly increased over the past two years.

His parents, who direct, edit and narrate Ryan’s reviews, have both quit their jobs to focus on the channel full time and release new reviews on an almost daily basis.

Ryan has over 10m subscribers, and his most popular video, a review of Disney Cars merchandise including a Lightning McQueen race car bed, has more than 800m views.

But let’s not get bogged down in the numbers as this kid is living the dream. In one video, he gets to wander around a toy store filling a trolley with toys he likes!

Ryan was only three-years-old when he started reviewing toys, and it’s pretty incredible to see a child so young present his own show.

He was already watching toy reviews on YouTube, so he learned a good deal about what works before starting his channel, but it’s clear people respond to his energy and enthusiasm.

Ryan’s parents say they film at the weekend, edit while he’s in school and donate most of the toys afterwards, so maybe Ryan’s not quite the most spoiled kid ever!