Welcome to the Church of Harold and Stie

We are the bearers of the finest bums in all of Freedomland. Nowhere else will you find booty of such a high calibre. If you're nice to us, perhaps we'll let you touch it. Probably not.

Be forewarned, no bearers of the micro dingdongs may worship at the altar of the almighty buttocks of scrumptiousness.

  • You must be 6" and higher to ride
  • Sexayness levels over 9000
  • Clean parts only
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Harold and Stie Services

The benefits of following the scrumptiousbum are as follows

Daily Rudeness

No ping pong balls.

Bum Touchings

Bum fondlings are mandatory.

Unlimited DDP

Vast rivers of Diet Dr Pepper flow within the hallowed halls of hotness.

Unlimited CFA

Stripping is encouraged.

Zero Tolerance Tooting Policy

Please escort yourself to the closet immediately if you suspect a tooting issue and don't forget to file Form T00T-1 with the appropriate authorities.

Harriet McJigglebottom Said:

"Ye who runs the dishwasher, takes the trash out and doesn't drip water everywhere, will receive splendiferously plentiful amounts of juicybum."

Bible of Harold and Stie: Splosions 3:16 KJV


Church Pastor

These hunky dudebros spread the word of Harold and Stie to those of plentiful dong and open ear

Lloyd Wilson

Hottie #1

Rachel Parker

Hottie #2

Ian Smith

Hottie #3

Alicia Henderson

Hottie #4

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If you too love Indian Food, Lourvemaking and caffeine then get in touch


69 Massive DingDong Street, Suite 69 Hell MI 48169

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+ 1234 5678 90

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